High School Skype and Twitter Project Request

#EdCampBOS and our collaborative Skype session with #EdCampDet got my wheels spinning. Anything is possible with Skype and Twitter. I’m planning to teach a First Year Seminar for the first time this fall. My seminar, Pleased to Tweet You: Are You a Socially Responsible Digital Citizen will allow freshmen to examine social media and digital citizenship. Here’s the course description:

Schools across the country promise to provide a safe environment for learning, but so many students are afraid and embarrassed to come to school.  In today’s globally diverse and digital world, a bully’s reach goes far beyond the playground.  As more teens use computers, cell phones and other electronic devices they will experience being harassed, threatened and humiliated publicly online at greater rates.  Cyberbullying is the biggest hazard our young people face today and will continue to face in the future as more teens consume and produce digital media.  An interactive multimedia approach to this course will provide students an opportunity to explore the problem and extent of cyberbullying through readings both on and offline.  Using a reflective lens, students will create an action plan to help others navigate the Internet as responsible digital citizens.

I’m looking for a high school teacher or several high school teachers to collaborate and participate in our Saint Joseph College First Year Seminar experience in the fall.  Any takers?



  • Skype and Twitter project – sounds great! Contact me on twitter @folklind or lindav@elkanah.co.za. Would enjoy chatting to you about this project and linking up with you from Cape Town!

  • I would love to collaborate and participate in your First Year Seminar experience. I teach business and technology classes at a small Catholic High School in Virginia. I have a computer applications and a study skills class in the fall which would be ideal to match with your students. Please let me know what the next step is.

    Thank you
    –Melanie Weser

  • This sounds so cool! How can I help?

  • My original thought was to connect and collaborate with a local high school until I co-hosted a Skype session at #EdCampBOS. My wheels were spinning with the endless possibilities.

    I love the idea of going both global and virtual – what a fabulous experience for all participants! The focus of the First Year Seminar will examine what it means (and looks like) to be socially responsible both online. What words, pictures and videos are part of our footprint? And how can we create an action plan for our schools, communities and world that addresses the problems and concerns associated with cyberbullying?

    Looking forward to your ideas and collaborating on this project! We’ll have the summer to work out the details, but I am so excited about the possibilities! Feel free to contact me directly at mcurran@sjc.edu and follow me @mbfxc.

  • Hi! I’d love for my class to be apart of this! Where do I sign up?

  • Hey there! I attended your EdCamp Boston session. It was great sharing Skype ideas and Skyping with EdCamp Detroit! If you are looking to branch out into the elementary schools with this idea, I’d be interested to connect on this. Perhaps your students can create a project to teach younger students about Digital Citizenship.

    PS: Our kindergarten class is Skyping with their Ohio kindergarten friends this Thursday to show off their baby chicks!

  • Alisa – great idea! Why limit it to high school? Digital citizenship is important at all ages and grade levels! You have my wheels spinning even more! 🙂 So excited about the baby chicks too! Off to Albany tomorrow for a tech conference at the College of St. Rose – will be in touch by the end of the week!

  • I’m definitely interested if you’re planning on opening it up to Elementary.

  • Definitely interested. I teach 9th & 11th grade social studies at Tarrant High School in Birmingham, AL. I am a second year teacher that is committed, sleep deprived, & known as the ” passionate techie” in our school system. I am 1:1 i touch & macbook. I focus on inquiry and project based learning. I have done some research on Skype in classrooms, have admin permission but have not done a classroom Skype yet! Looks like I will be able to learn everything I need to from you about it though! Digital citizenship is definitely a focal point in my classroom, as well as 21st century learning and global citizenship which I think are all interchangeable terms, and nowww I am rambling! Look forward to hearing more and collaborating!

  • Love to! Please contact me at ldimarcantonio@pdsd.org. I teach 7-12 gifted.

  • Sounds great! I would like for my students to be a part of this project. I teach Computer Applications and Digital Media at Brusly High School in Brusly, LA.

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