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On The Record

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.24.38 PMAs we are finishing up this massive and totally awesome collaborative Pokémon Go project, I want to publicly go on the record and I’ve asked others to join me.

First, I have known William Jenkins for years. How many, I’m not exactly sure, but I’ve been moderating the #digcit chat since 2011 and prior to this tweet in November 2015, I always seemed too busy to respond to any of his email invitations to collaborate. What a big mistake.

The tweet with the link above was not only a jackpot site of digital citizenship resources via Malcolm Wilson, but it represents how William is always sharing resources with educators.

DigCitSummitUK TweetAfter this tweet, I responded and asked if he would like to Skype or GHO to talk about the possibility about bringing the Digital Citizenship Summit to the UK. We arranged a time to Skype and the rest is history.

Do you know what this picture below represents? It is a sextant, known as the most essential instrument for navigation. Since that first Skype call in November, William has been just that for me. Over the past ten months, I have been lucky enough to be part of two pirate crews with him (#DigCitSummitUK pirates and #ISTEPirates16) and most recently, I’ve been part of a Niantic crew with him collaborating on a #digcit Pokémon Go project.

cmgrWhat William brings to any project is vision and execution. His attention to detail is exquisite. William is like a conductor and he anticipates and prepares meticulously. What distinguishes William from the rest? His core values. He does not compromise. His core values and work ethic are beyond anything I have every witnessed before. One PLN member shared, “His work ethic is unsurpassed.” Others used terms like visionary leader, selfless giver and influencer. All agreed that no one should ever pass up an opportunity to collaborate with William in the future.

I reached out to some PLN members and they echoed my thoughts:

Best New Community Manager

5 Minute Favor For William Jenkins: A Selfless Giver

As a mother and educator, my last acknowledgment comes from the bottom of my heart.

William, thank you for inspiring Curran. As a nine year old, his connected learning journey began with your DigCitSummitUK Thunderclap which was the beginning of his @CurranCentral Twitter handle. That thunderclap has led to him moderating multiple chats on Twitter, speaking and live tweeting at the DigCitSummitUK and TEDxYouth, becoming a student Buncee ambassador and now CKO of DigCitKids. Thank you for also continuing to inspire him to think outside of the box and create homework assignments like the Pokémon Go Homework Challenge and most recently, the 9 #digcit elements in relation to Poké Balls.

So, on the record, I am so grateful to call you a friend, a colleague and my favorite community manager.