Pokemon Go… Catch some #DigCit Advice #digcitPLN

pokeisteJust as I’m catching my breath from all the resources that were shared during ISTE, this whole Pokemon Go thing comes along.

My first thought with this global phenomenon is that with all the edtech tools that have been around for a while but have struggled to gain traction…you’ve got to wonder about what the Pokemon Go development team have done differently? All the sales calls and emails that we receive from the vendors after ISTE, but here comes a game that’s probably never made a sales call, emailed a school or gave a 2 hour presentation… but educators are writing more articles about the role it can play in education than I can keep up with?!?

I know that my friend and colleague William Jenkins (@EdTech_Stories) will have a few things to say about what we can learn from this.

Like many other educators, I am excited to explore what the implications of Pokemon Go in education are, both in general and from the perspective of digital citizenship? I will be consulting with and working on this with the ISTE DigCitPLN  as we explore the risks and opportunities… stay tuned for updates.

If anyone in my PLN would be interested in contributing to any Pokemon Go DigCit advice that the ISTE DigCitPLN will be working on, please let me know.

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