Nashville + social media lesson = #digcit homerun

Props to ABC’s hit show Nashville for providing a teachable moment last night while Rayna addressed the seriousness of her daughter’s choices online. Our teens are desperately trying to figure out who they are, how they fit in and if others like them through a variety of social media applications. After making a music video and posting it online, Daphne, the younger daughter of Rayna demonstrated this as she announced, “I mean, we already have like over 400 views!” In fact, our teens our using #follow4follow as a way to increase their audience, viewings and “likes” on Instagram, Kik, Vine and Twitter. These choices to share personal text, pictures and videos with the unknown are permanent decisions, like a digital tattoo and have consequences that we have never had to face before the onset of social media.

This is conversation that needs to happen on a regular basis both in and out of school.  We need to help our teens navigate this uncharted territory. We should be talking about this 24/7, 365 days a year at home, the bus stop, school, the grocery store, dinner parties, family gatherings, etc. Just this week, I was interviewed twice by Bob Wilson on News 8 WTNH about Proposed Bill May Band “Revenge Porn” and Kids, Smartphones and Safety. All week long, I continued this conversation at home with my family, in my neighborhood, with the young lady who made my Subway sandwich, in the Dunkin Donuts line, at hockey practice and in my classroom with both my undergraduate and graduate students. How will you engage others in this critical conversation?  Can’t wait to see what happens on Nashville next week!

*Two must-watch videos to start the conversation on just how much information we are sharing publicly: Hashtag, You’re It! and You’re Instagram Turns This Man Into a Psychic or Just a Stalker. Additionally, here’s a digital citizenship resource I created for parents and teachers on where our teens are going online, what to avoid and what to encourage.

One comment

  • It is so great that people are beginning to shed a light on this important topic! All too often, people want to hide controversial topics in hopes that children will not find them, but that is NOT the case. We need to educate students on how to be digitally responsible citizens so they are aware of the dangers, as well as how social media can be used EFFECTIVELY.

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