The Tweet Seen Around the World


Dear PLN:

Please help me show the power of Twitter during the 2013 International Education Week on our campus.  I’m presenting, “The Tweet Heard Around the World” and will be sharing the benefits of embedding social media into higher education with particular emphasis on teacher education.  It is my hope that my presentation will support the need for iCitizenship in teacher education to further support global collaboration with classrooms, students and teachers across the country and around the world via Twitter.

Please leave a comment below sharing where you are from and any comments. Also, I’d be most appreciative if you would RT this blog post to see if we can get it seen/heard around the world!

Thank you for sharing your time, talent and passion with the world!

*Here’s the link to the presentation I did for the 13th Annual International Week. This entire project has been so inspiring! My 7 year old was actively involved keeping a tally on all the locations that have responded.  He looked up every place on a world map and as a result started his first blog.  He wants to keep the geography lesson going, so please take a moment to visit his blog, Around the World With Curran and leave a comment where you are from and a fun fact about your location.  Make sure you see my son as a guest blogger for Angela Maier too!


  • My high school students and I use Twitter to talk with scientists around the world. Check out and #scistuchat

    • 5th Grade class from Middlefield, CT. We use Twitter to connect to other schools and share with EVERYONE (including our parents) what we are doing in school!

    • Christine Jamieson

      My grade 9 geography class in Kingston, Ontario, Canada followed Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield while he was living on board the International Space Station as the Commander. Everyday he posted the most beautiful photos of his day at work and the surface of our Earth. This was our first try at Twitter as a class and we now are hooked on Twitter in class. He even posted a picture of our Great Lake – Lake Ontario in winter. Check it out and tell me if you find a picture from where you live:‎

    • I’m Emma. I was born and raised in Canada but I’m now living and teaching in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. You can add a new country to your list 🙂 the U.A.E. is celebrating its 42nd birthday on Dec. 2!

  • Brent Catlett from Bellevue, Nebraska

  • San Antonio, Texas…can’t wait to see how many responses you get!

  • Royse City, TX

    Good luck!

  • Hello from the suburbs of Chicago, IL!

  • Kellogg, Idaho! I love using Twitter to connect with other Educators. K-20 and other Tech Leaders as well!

  • Lance from Urbandale, Iowa

  • From Plymouth, MA here! Good luck in your quest! Sharing!

  • Good Luck! Tweeting from SE Iowa. On line with Twitter with teachers, instructional coaches (#educoach), and administrators! Connections help increase collaboration!

  • I use Twitter to share and connect with peers around the world and to share what is going on in my classroom. @YourKidsTeacher South Bend, IN

  • Hello! Kate from NJ.

  • Twitter is a powerful tool that allows teachers and students to reach out of their room, buildings, cities and states and connect globally reaching higher levels of learning.- Todd From Michigan

  • High School Principal in Solon, Iowa.

  • Director of Curriculum & Support Services, St. Louis, MO

  • Christy Humpal, elementary art, Iowa

  • District Director of Curriculum/High School A.P., Aurora, Nebraska

  • Bethany Avery 3rd grade teacher from Apache Junction, Arizona! We use twitter to connect with other teachers for Mystery Skype, to find new projects and to tweet questions to people.

  • I know I am not in the states. But, if we are talking about global citizenship, then where I am from is important. I am located in Yorkshire, England. Myself and my school have begun our journey in blogging and twitter as we understand the importance of international collaboration.

  • Instructional Leader from Wilmington, NC

  • Shawn Avery
    6th Grade Teacher
    Plympton, Massachusetts

  • @cmmoody Hello from Montgomery, Alabama!

  • Kristin from Little Rock, AR – Twitter is great for lesson plan ideas, sharing ideas with former students and colleagues.

  • Staci Hansen
    Technology Facilitator
    Hesston, Kansas

  • Twitter connects passionate global educators and people interested in education . My Twitter page:

  • Greetings from Palo Alto, California!
    HS English teacher

  • Hello from #FranklinElem in Riverside, California!

  • Twitter has been a wonderful way to connect across the globe for both my students and myself from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Great learning opportunities abound and we take advantage of as many as we can.

  • Lisa – 3rd Grade at Ireland, Indiana – love learning new things daily from my PLN on Twitter! After participating in many CEM sessions and chats, my November goal is to set up a class account for tweeting about all of the exciting things happening in our school!

    This is a great project – good luck!

  • Greetings from the city of champions, Tuscaloosa, Alabama! Roll Tide! I first started using twitter in fall 2009 whence #edchat began. Twitter became my mentoring program. It evolved to being used in collaboration with my French students and another French class in the state. Our students tweeted in French! Now, as a tech coach, twitter is my lifeline for others’ experiences and opinions To me, twitter connects me to other educators and not just a search engine. I get to have powerful conversations with people around the world 24/7!

  • Aloha from Honolulu, Hawai’i!
    Social Studies Teacher at SEEQS!

  • Hello from Melbourne FL! Building a Personal Learning Network on Twitter is a powerful tool for professional growth. Come join the Connected Educator community!

  • Greetings from Burlington, Iowa. I promote twitter to staff with the access to pd 24/7. Twitter fits into the mantra of beg, borrow, and steal ideas for education.

  • Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.

    I ask graduate students in the Boise State University’s Education Technology Course, Social Networked Learning, to connect to one another and find colleagues with similar content area interests using Twitter. Here are some of their reactions about developing a PLN/PLE

  • @dudleyteaches from Albany, NY.

  • This Tweet just hit Missouri! Looking forward to passing it along.

    Love what you’re doing for iCitizenship and helping educate and prepare us all to better understand what it means to be Digitsl Citizens.

    In just the past two months, I’ve been stunned at how What If…? has been able to grow its mission and vision through Twitter. In particular, Beth Sanders’ class using #WhatIf & #SandersTHS has allowed us to connect, share, and learn in ways I never imagined possible.

    Looking forward to what comes next!

  • Prescott, WI–Go Badgers!

  • Mischell Anderson

    Great idea! You’ve made to Anchorage, Alaska.

  • Pretty cool. I live in Cheyenne, WY!

  • A wee message to say good luck from Scotland – the presentation sounds awesome! All these social media outlets (Twitter, blogs, websites, #MTBoS, etc…) are the best professional development I’ve had in years.

  • Using twitter for PD with my PLN and communicating with students on a regular basis! Also have done a couple of assignments too. Plan on expanding this in the future! Cleveland, OH! @WolskiMr

  • What an amazing way to connect!

    Jon Fines
    Montana ~ The Last Best Place

  • Hello from New Orleans, LA. I’m a fourth grade teacher and moderator of #4thchat (Mondays at 7 CST). I use Twitter to exchange ideas with other educators, find classes to connect my class with, and have been involved as a virtual mentor for some of Marialice’s students.

  • District Tech coordinator for Box Elder, SD ringing in! Good luck on round the world!

  • As a school principal, I use twitter to be me “just in time” learning and sharing platform. As a connected educator, I have learned more from my PlN than any in service or conference event and it’s free and available 24/7! That’s all y’all!

    • McKinney, TX

  • Greetings from Singapore! Educators in Singapore use #edsg to chat every Tuesday evening.

  • Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii! Twitter allows me to learn, share and connect with educators and others from all over the world. My students have also connected with authors, experts and students…They have made wonderful global friendships!

  • Hello from Los Angeles. I teach kindergarten. Twitter connections with PLN are incredible. Learning and sharing. Good luck!

  • Colorado … Free PD with the best in the world, 24/7/365

  • Greetings from Houston, Texas!

  • Hi, we are from Indonesia, so far my first graders are doing 3 International projects, 1 with schools in Hong Kong, 2 with schools in US. They are so excited and encouraged to do the projects, thanks to edtech 🙂

  • The Tweet was Retweeted in the Dutch and Belgian #Edubloggers community on Twitter. Greetings from Holland/ Utrecht!! @karinwinters and my blog unfortunately in Dutch 🙂

  • Hi from New York City! Enjoy the weekend!


  • Greetings from Belgium

  • Hi from The Netherlands.
    Twitter makes learning going global, connecting teachers and learners.
    Sharing knowledge and sharing the passion for teaching through collaboration.
    Keep it on!

  • Greetings from Rider University in NJ. Best of luck with your quest.

  • G’day from Sydney, Australia. When you are lucky enough to have worked In various locations, you are connected. Twitter encourages those connections to develop and expand. Everyone needs to recongise and experience the value of connecting globally.

  • Greetings from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

  • Lee from Juneau AK!

  • Hello from Romania!

  • Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey

  • Best wishes from Camilla, GA USA. Build your PLN and your influence and learning will not end!

  • Great idea. In getting my PLN rolling and it has been hugely beneficial.

    MS Director
    Greensboro, NC

  • Hello from Stockholm, Sweden! 🙂


  • A blessed day in Gilroy Ca. Twitter is keeping me updated on ed tech, digital citizenship and connected to educators all over the world. Just did completed a webinar with Common Sense and Edmodo that rolled thru my feed. Good luck on your project.

  • Sandy, edtech specialist from the Austin, Texas area. Twitter keeps me ahead of the curve on trends in education and educational technology. And it gives me access to all of the super-smart educators out there when I have questions or ideas I need to ponder and understand from multiple perspectives.

    I have had the opportunity to talk with pre-service teachers a couple of times over the past year, and they are a bit skeptical of Twitter. They need their professors modeling the continuous learning that takes place in this space! I hope anyone who has doubts will jump in and see for themselves.

  • Utilizing Twitter to develop a PLN (Professional Learning Network) has been the single best form of PD (Professional Development) in our teaching careers. It’s also a great tool for students and communication with parents and community.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii – Aloha!

  • So grateful for the connections, learning, and positive mindset of my PLN. Thank you all from Highland, Michigan (near Detroit).

  • I have learned more through Twitter posts than through many other PD opportunities. The real education experts are there! Use it to learn, grow, and inspire!
    Karen, New Hampshire

  • Terrell, Tx Twitter helps me connect professionally and personally!

  • Hello from Philadelphia, PA!

  • @Erin1stGrade

    Burlington, Vermont, USA

  • Atlantan, but currently in Cancun, Mexico

  • Checking in from Connecticut! Twitter has opened so many doors for me as a first year teacher! I never realized how many amazing connections could be made with great educators from around the world through social media! Skype has been a great way to connect my students to other students, authors, and educators from all over. Collaboration with our connections has allowed us to knock down the four walls of our classroom and experience so much more in the world of learning!

  • Greetings from sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. I have been using with my freshmen students to make academic conferences more fun and interactive.

  • Good luck, I’ve seen this via Tom Whitby.

    I am in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

  • Greetings from Sydney Australia…love the power of a PLN..never stop learning. If we want our students to become life long learners then we should lead by example. I’m a Junior school teacher in the area of Teaching and Lesrning Innovation

  • Elementary art teacher from Lake Wallenpaupack,PA!

  • Nick from Detroit, MI! My PLN helps me faster than a Google search.

  • Tyson Seburn
    Toronto, Canada
    University of Toronto EAP instructor

  • Hi from The Netherlands.
    Twitter makes learning fun

    it also give you the change to interact quickly on any topic you have in school

  • The Tweet Heard Round the World made it to Petaluma in Northern California. Twitter is all about professional development and collaboration. Love it!

  • I’m from Long Beach, Ca and I think this is great.
    All the best

  • ReTweeted in Wales, UK

  • Teachers connecting around the world!

    Braintree, MA

  • Karen in Wooster Ohio

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

  • Hello from Seoul, Korea!
    Using Twitter to keep up to date with ed trends and for my students to share their work and communicate with authors and other classes!

  • From CT,USA – posted to friends and family around the world (6-8 different countries) so hope they post too

  • Wausau, WI. USA, on twitter I connect we educator all over the world without leaving my table!

  • From Denton Tx, Using twitter learn from my peers and get students an authentic audience

  • Hello from Los Angeles, California.

  • Palm harbor, fl

  • Hello from NJ, USA! Twitter has allowed to connect with more people who have great ideas then ever before. There’s never a day I’m not learning.

  • Barrie, Ontario, Canada

  • I teach 8th grade World Geography in Warrenton, Virginia. It is imperative that pre-service teachers get comfortable and understand how imperative it is to use twitter and other social media to get their students learning and collaborating with other classrooms globally. It is not an option any more. Oh, and I love twitter as an educator for resources, support, and collaboration. After all, I met @mbfxc and she and I have connected our classrooms. We walk the talk.

  • Rebecca Michaelson

    Hi I am from Perth, Western Australia. I love twitter. I use twitter for my PLN. I have met some of the people I follow.

  • Hello from Shepherdsville, KY.


  • Greetings from Ohio…love Twitter…have learned tons…pd from my couch! Students now following Twiitter, participating in Global Read Aloud and on Edmodo

  • Parkersburg, West Virginia: As a middle school Reading teacher, Twitter has helped me connect with educators around the nation and is amazing live professional development! Good luck!

  • Phillipsburg, NJ: As an elementary school technology coordinator, computer teacher, and math teacher: Twitter helps me to stay involved in the ed tech community and learning initiatives worldwide; making me a more globally connected educator and providing me with wings to fly outside the fences of my small rural school community and to support the learners within it.

  • Hi from Perth, Western Australia.

  • Hello from Minnesota !!

  • Regina, SK, Canada. It is amazing to be able to connect with people from anywhere, learning from people I would never otherwise know because we share an interest. I am no longer limited by my local community; I can be global, expand what I know and contextualize it.

  • Great topic… Best of luck … PLN’s rule
    @kalgrl Librarian, gold mining town Western Australia

  • I am a Middle School Principal from O’Fallon, MO. I use Twitter for my PLN. I also use it with my school @News4FHMS and my parents (parent chat #FHMchat). Looking forward to seeing where the post “lands”!

  • Hello from Scottsbluff, Nebraska! Twitter is the best place to find resources and connect instantly with really smart people from around the world!

  • Hello from Western Illinois University – teacher education assistant professor. Twitter is an incredible communication resource.

  • New Castle, Delaware,USA 5th grade teacher who has come to understand the power of Twitter in regards to building a substantial, and resourceful, PLN! (Professional Learning Network) Their ideas have helped transform my teaching and my classroom!

  • Checking in from Powell Wyoming

  • From Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. Excellent way to expand your PLN and know you are not alone in your journey as an educator.

    • I used to go to summer camp in Ft. Qu’Appelle when I was a kid! Hi from Victoria BC Canada

  • Hello from Castro Valley, CA – 5th grade teacher in Cupertino

  • Keep up the good work!
    From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • We use twitter to communicate with parents, the wider community and classes around the world. Constant PD for teachers. Geography is no longer an issue for us.
    Mrs Scharf & 5SK
    Bowen, Australia

  • Melissa from Georgia (US). Great idea!

  • Twitter opens my world up everyday. To other educators, to experts in an area I need help in, or my students want to know about, and has been the main way we have received postcards from around the world. Read more here… Wichita, KS

  • Newberg, Oregon, chemistry teacher. I use Twitter to share with and learn from the very best educators anywhere. Find me @Stardiverr !

  • Jas from Surrey, BC, Canada

  • Val from Ft. Worth, Tx. We use twitter to share our story as school. #wearemckamy

  • Howdy from Texas!

  • Michael Fawcett (@teachernz) primary school teacher from Hamilton, New Zealand

    We have @kidsedchatnz for primary classes

  • Hello from Wisconsin! I teach HS ELA.

  • Greetings from Port Elizabeth South Africa. Wonderful to follow the trends in education around the World.

  • Twitter is an indispensable way to meet other educators. We all have experiences to share so that we aren’t all starting from scratch. Also, I use twitter to connect my higher ed students to each other and to the topic being discussed. Connections are integral to learning!

  • Another tweeter from Melbourne Australia. Twitter is my first port of call for up to date ideas and thoughts on teaching. We also use it to connect our young primary (elementary ) learners with their community and other learners.
    @slblackburnsth (school)

  • @Nuhron Global Citizen – New York, Australia & South Africa – & student for life. Twitter is a great resource I use for PD to keep abreast with latest tech trends as well as other trends around the world. I believe the iCitizenship concept is a powerful opportunity that can transcend boundaries & strengthen PLN.

  • Kim from Detroit, MI. I use twitter to teach students to concisely summarize

  • Marybeth from Memphis, TN

  • Jillian Risher, Newberg, Oregon. I love connecting with professional educators via Twitter!

  • Muhammad Rahman
    Structured Learning Program-Behavior Assistant
    MAT Concordia MS math/HS social studies

    Good luck on your tweet around the world!

  • Hello from Burlington, Massachusetts! Awesome project!

  • Darla from Van Wert, OH. I use Twitter to help build my PLN so I can continue to learn and be relevant. I am an assistant principal at a middle school. I encourage Teachers to use Twitter to grow professionally and to use it in their classrooms. Can’t wait to see how far this travels!

  • Science teacher from southern New Mexico. I use Twitter to connect with my students outside of class, during class as a back channel for presentations and videos, &, depending on the topic, to connect with other students, teachers and scientists via #scistuchat.

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  • Amanda from Astoria, Oregon. I use Twitter to communicate quickly with students, as email seems cumbersome to many students now.

  • Sandi Ferguson Grade 5 Teacher

    Greetings from beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

  • Saskatchewan, Canada 🙂

  • Kym LeBlanc-Esparza

    Best of luck from Newberg, Oregon

  • Jennifer Chobotiuk

    Started using twitter as professional development this summer. It is great to have a worldwide network of professionals to collaborate with!
    Jennifer Chobotiuk
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Hello from Northern Virginia. I love connecting with educators around the world via Twitter.

  • Ravana Chetty South Africa @ravanachetty

  • Twitter is my favorite kind of PD!

  • Ujala from South Africa: Excellent initiative! Social media is great for self development, keeping up with trends & connecting to a wider professional community!

  • anita, from Germany. Facebook is my1. communication tool to get in touch with people atound the world.

  • Hi there. I’m a teacher at University College of South Denmark, lecturing ict and learning to students at a teacher education. I love twitter and wordpress and… This initiative is just great…keep up the open collaborative networking spirits out there:-)

  • Greeting from the UK 🙂

  • Roland Hachmann, Denmark. Teacher at University College South Denmark.
    I introduce twitter to students whenever I can and we use wordpress as a PLE for all students. Keep up the open collaborative networking spirits out there:-)

  • You’ve made it to Lisburn in Northern Ireland, UK!

  • Ann from NJ USA K-8 computer teacher.

  • Hi from Kunming, Yunnan, China. My students here do a lot with social media, but it tends to be on Chinese versions since many of the international versions are blocked on the mainland.

  • Great initiative! Good luck! RT from Lund, Sweden. M.Eventhén, Principal Maria Montessori-School in Lund.

    BTW The request reached me via… Twitter..!

  • Love twitter for CPD and building a PLN. Currently in Ireland for the weekend when I saw your tweet but travelling back to Dubai!!

  • This sound interesting! Will there be a podcast? I am a Dyslexia Therapist and live in Texas. Communication through social media around the world would be beneficial to teachers in sharing ideas and spreading awareness of how to teach to the different learning processes.

  • Katie from Washington, DC

  • Hello from Lisa Madden, curriculum coordinator in Flint, MI! Twitter has expanded my PLN across the world. I’ve met other educators and participate in weekly chats that have advanced my understanding of issues, and has provided me with new resources and strategies. Additionally, Twitter lets me share my voice and expertise-I recently coordinated a series of webinars on effective grading practices that will include presenters I met via Twitter. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve developed relationships with new friends who share a passion for teaching and learning-which is tremendously energizing!

  • Good morning from Columbus, Ohio! I use Twitter for fresh teaching ideas and am now looking for ways my high school English Language Arts students can use it to connect. @lggarber

  • Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) – I’m a grade 4-5 STEM teacher in Yukon, Oklahoma. I live in Oklahoma City, and saw a tweet about this post today in Manhattan, Kansas!

  • Great Mills, Maryland

    Good Luck!

  • I’m from Northbrook, IL, USA, but checking in from Mountain View, CA. You should give this presentation at my online global ed conference November 18 – 23, 2013: What a great idea!

  • Twitter has been the best professional development I have ever received. In addition, it has become a global platform for me to celebrate my students’ projects. Although Twitter may be filled with parts that have no relevance to educators, there is an undeniable sector that is beyond beneficial for all educators.

  • Steve from central Illinois. I use personal Twitter account for professional development, and with my school account to communicate with students and parents.

  • Nicky from Singapore. Twitter has allowed me to learn from amazing teachers all around the world. Best CPD available!

  • Hello from Dryden,Ontario, Canada! Good luck!

  • Greetings from Black Mountain, NC! I love the Twitterverse! It helps keep me up-to-date on teaching and tech as well as family and friends. Best thing since sliced bread!

  • HS English teacher in Grandville, Michigan.

  • Connecting with you from Frisco, TX & proud to say my #PLN is on Twitter & I am a better educator for those connections & learning. My students benefit emmensely from my learning & connections.

  • K-12 Special Education from Nashville, TN USA. Use Twitter for English! language Arts.

  • Twitter is a fantastic engagement tool. I can’t wait to hear how your presentation goes. Best of luck. #iCitizenship #edtech @mbfxc @cgartin_21 @MobileTLC

  • Fifth graders at my K-5 elementary school in Vermont send a tweet from our school almost every day!

  • Use twitter all the time for PD, collaboration, and sharing.
    -Kevin from New Haven, IN

  • Joan from SF Bay Area in CA. Twitter has connected me to incredible educators, authors and others across the globe!

  • Hello from Evergreen Elementary School in Evergreen, Alabama!

  • Hi from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! Love the sharing available through twitter!

  • Chiara from Italy. I use Twitter to communicate with the Italian astronaut orbiting the Earth in these months and share the experience with my students.

  • IT teacher and technology integrator from a school in Johannesburg South Africa. Good luck with your replies.

  • Deerfield, Illinois
    Public School Superintendent

  • Greetings from Central Maine!

  • Representing from Washington, DC!

  • Hello from Kelly in Thief River Falls, MN!

  • West Virginia

  • MaryCarole Strother

    Greeting from McKinney, TX, 30 miles north of Dallas . We use Twitter to keep our Media Resource Specialists connected with each other and with other professionals around the world.

  • Hi from Miami, Florida.

  • You’re tweet has reached Finland 🙂

  • Hello from Immaculata, PA

  • Claresholm, Alberta, Canada!

  • Dave @datruss from the suburbs of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • Greetings from Singapore. Harness the power of social media to create real world collaboration

  • Jennifer Stephens

    Clermont, FL
    Sharing ideas is so important and innovation essential. Twitter provides instant, global access.

  • Katie Ann @katieann_76

    I’m a technology teacher in KS. Twitter is a great way to get connected, build your PLN, and stay connected.

  • Currently in Telkwa BC working with a 6/7 split class on establishing a class blog as well as incorporating social media into the school day. Usually situated in Red Deer AB – a semi-retired teacher still involved in education.

  • Jody from Yukon, OK – my classroom has completely changed thanks to the awesome connections on Twitter!

  • Seattle, WA
    So amazing to see how many different people from all over can connect about education!

  • San Antonio, TX… how amazing!!

  • Julie from Marquand, MO (2 hours south of St. Louis. I am an Instructional Specialist for the eMINTS National Center. Twitter (@shyj) is my family of educators who are always willing to share ideas/experiences and help me reflect to become a better teacher and person.

  • IL

  • Conakry, Guinea. Bonne chance!

  • Orem, UT – I use Twitter to connect w/ edtech & sci teachers. Saw the tweet from a friend in MO (& passed on.)

  • Hi, Lisa Conrad from Pittsburgh, PA, moderator of Global #gtchat (gifted & talented) Powered by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented on Twitter. Our weekly Twitter chats on Friday at 7PM ET attended by teachers and parents from all 50 states and over 30 countries often discuss the need for rigorous teacher training at the undergraduate level to ensure that ALL students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Terry Hoganson, Red Deer, Alberta

  • Springfield Ohio–wish twitter wasn’t blocked at school We should teach students to use social media responsibly, not block it and hope it goes away.

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  • Hello-Merri Beth Kudrna, Curriculum Director, suburbs of Chicago. I use Twitter to collaborate with other educators from around the world. We also have many classrooms active on Twitter.

  • Saw you tweet looking for a Rhode Island rep. Here I am!

  • From Reno, Nevada, Been using Twitter to support what happens in my classroom for 5 or 6 years! Great resource.

  • Linda from Durham, NC

  • @jfarm from Waycross, GA. Twitter has been, by far, the best professional development tool that I have used. Easy, timely, FREE, diverse, and accessible to anyone. Good luck to you and welcome to Twitter all you new users. You will not regret it.

  • I use twitter for learning!

  • Lawrence (@lawrencec) from Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  • Hello from OKC!! Twitter allows educators to amplify our voices and to share beyond our local community.

  • Twitter is my window to educators around the globe. Our project is the 24hour Skype on Dec 6th. We stay at school for 24 hrs and Skype you. Twitter finds our connections globally.
    We would welcome more classes to join us. We are from Bendigo, Australia.

  • Principal from San Jose

  • Hi from Gold Coast Australia. I’m the Manager of Digital Library Services at Bond University. Twitter has become an important mechanism in the diffusion of ideas and in scholarly communication.

  • Hola from South Hadley, MA, USA, Twitter is an amazing resource/PLN for Language teachers – #langchat is just one example of the many educator collaboration opportunities available!

  • Social media is an important tool in education today. Individuals studying education should build it into their program of studies in order to assist with student learning. Teachers can use social media to distribute information to students and parents and seek their own resources in the field. I have found twitter to be invaluable.

  • Michael Hobin, Coventry, Rhode Island

  • Hello from Southeast Polk and Fairfield Iowa! Twitter is my PLN there is nothing more powerful!

  • Bonita from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Great idea. I use Twitter for independent learning and love connecting with other elearning folks around the world. Having a good PLN is very rewarding. Good luck with your presentation. Hope you’ll post the reaction you got.

  • Hello from Fremantle, Western Australia

  • Hello from Yarmouth, Maine. 9-12 Technology Integration. I can’t imagine being able to do my job without Twitter. I am so grateful to my PLN for all the great learning!

  • Konnichi Wa from Tokyo, Japan. I have a PLN to learn with other educators around the world. My KINDERKARTEN STUDENTS use Twitter, Instagram and Fotobabble to share their thinking with their own CLN ( children learning network). We have buddy classes in Canada, Indonesia and the UK. Families also follow the children. These tools allow young children to take control of the documentation of their learning, in an atmosphere of wise freedom. TWITTER and INSTAGRAM @yiskp

  • Hi, am a new at twitter and I only use it for me not my class yet. Michigan

  • sorry didn’t check my spell in last reply:
    I just started using twitter this summer, and I use twitter to connect with other educators. My hope is to start using twitter in my classroom.

  • Waves hello from Pennsylvania, USA!

  • Hello from Romeoville, IL!

  • Hello from Chicago, IL. I use Twitter to quickly sift through short bursts of information to find content and ideas that inspire me to learn more. I use it to connect and collaborate with other educators and to share ideas. Twitter is most definitely at the heart my PLN.

  • Hello from Bismarck, North Dakota! (Kelly Rexine @mrrexine)

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  • Hello from Katy in Marin County, CA.

  • Joining in, how exciting! Hopefully my Ss will see this as well and join in, I’m helping them understand the power of Twitter when it comes to building PLNs in education. Now if the faculty at my university would just join in…

  • Oops, Cynthia Clark from Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Hello from Istanbul, Turkey. Twitter in grade 5, in HIgh School Math classes. Such a powerful tool.

  • Uliana - @MpUliana

    Greetings from Moscow, Russia! (@MpUliana)

  • Hello from the Ericksons in West Haven, UT

  • Hello from Williamsburg, VA

  • Washington, D.C. checking in (sorry for the delay!)

    You know I’m all about Twitter for getting out information on the educational impact on LGBT teens in their learning environment!

  • I saw and responded!
    Sherry Davidson, Brownwood, TX

  • Dublin, Ireland
    Props for embracing today’s technology and social media and using it for good! Best of luck!

  • Hello from the School of Education at Concordia University – Irvine, California.

  • From the beautiful Mother City of SA, Cape Town …

  • I use twitter for a massive amount of PD. Can’t get by without it!

  • Hello from the Alps in France 🙂

  • Greetings from Fargo, ND!

  • Howdy from Arroyo Grande, CA!

  • a teacher from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia ^,^ | @maureenmoz

  • Karen from Reading, MA. I’ve always believed following the tally locations makes for authentic geography lessons. Your son is learning about the states and countries in a meaningful way.

  • Lynne from Valley Forge, PA where there was no battle fought by George Washington in 1777-1778. It was only an encampment.

  • Good Morning! From Mound MN. Have a question? Someone here has direct experience.

  • Greeting from Monterrey, Mexico!

  • I live in western Massachusetts.

  • Hello from Rhode Island, the smallest state in USA. Surrounded by water, “Island” our land has many tall trees. Did you know all trees are connected via their roots throughout the world ? They are!

  • Chapter Dynamics from New York City. We use Twitter to connect with others around the world who are also dedicated to helping struggling young readers succeed.

  • Hi from Michigan

  • All the way from Sydney, Australia. Good luck with it all.

  • Hello from Costa Rica

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  • I am in Boston, MA, and love using Twitter to share wonderful news in education that inspires teachers and parents to spend time with their children “going beyond the classroom” : )

  • Seen from Albania .

    • seen from Albania ,

  • Hello from Bangor, North Wales, UK. I was tweeting for stories about students suing social media, a few re-tweets later I was directed to a Paperli site on PKM where I saw a link to this blog.

    I run a HE module where the student assessment involves blogging – they seem to be loving it so far – a great way to allow them both to learn from each other and to promote themselves career-wise. I am rolling out personal knowledge management more formally to our Yr 1 psychology undergrads for first time this year. To help motivate them I am very interested in hearing stories from students/graduates who are successfully using social media to make connections and promote their career. Also very interested in anyone else teaching pkm to undergrads. Thanks
    Twitter @JillBangor

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