Reflection and Inspiration

After writing my end of the year report, I find myself in deep reflection.  It was a tough spring semester.  I made time for my students, my department and my college (now a university), but I fell short for making time for myself.  For the most part, I was silent on my blog and Twitter.  I was a consumer and not a producer.  As a result, I find myself at an end of a semester and academic school year, exhausted and empty.  To recharge over the summer, I’m taking advice from Sean Musselman and a recent #elemsci chat:With help from Pinterest, I got some great ideas for an explorer’s backpack!  I started collecting supplies (binoculars, a compass, journals, colored pencils, a bug jar, magnifying lens, specimen bags, a net, a camera, and a copy of One Small Square Backyard by Donald M. Silver) and presented the explorer’s backpack to our son on the last day of preschool!  He was beyond excited and so was I!

I’ll be blogging our explorations this summer with our five year son on The Explorer’s Site (our first adventure to Roaring Brook Nature Center yesterday is already posted).  It will be my first time trying Google Sites (thanks to Judy Arzt for my crash course this week) and a perfect opportunity to encourage science literacy, as well as the simple joys of being an explorer!  A wonderful way to recharge over the summer and put myself back on my own priority list!

Happy exploring to all!

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  • Barbara Henriques

    It sounds like you and your explorer are off to a great summer. I hope you have a shell book to share with him. There are so many great things to do on the Cape! Have fun!

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