The Bully Project

I saw the Bully Project last night and I hope parents, teachers and administrators throughout the country will bring their children and students to see it.   How do we engage more people in this critical conversation?  The statistics are dire: 13 million students will be bullied in the U.S. this year and 3 million students are absent each month because they feel unsafe at school.  Look at your school’s mission statement.  I guarantee you that it states that your school is a safe haven for all.  Its time that we create schools where everyone feels welcome and safe.

There were parts of this documentary that made me so angry and other parts that made me cry.  I applaud the students and parents involved in telling their stories and exposing the seriousness of bullying.  Using the excuse, “Kids will be kids or boys will be boys” is no longer acceptable.  I sobbed listening to the students and parents share their pain.  This is a national epidemic which effects children of all ages across our country and around the world.  The time has come and enough is enough.  What are you going to do to be the difference?

Please join #digcit chat on Wednesday, 4/17 at 7 PM EST to be part of the solution and help our schools lead the change and be the difference!


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