A million reasons and more

Turning the corner on the final week of the semester and a graduate student sends me this tweet:

I was shattered after watching Jonah Mawry describe Whats going on...

This is exactly why I wanted to teach Pleased to Tweet You: Are You a Socially Responsible Digital Citizen? as a First Year Seminar this year.  I’ve blogged and tweeted about it all semester using the #digcit, #fys11 and #icitizen hash tags.  My freshmen have engaged elementary, middle and high school students in conversation about what it means to be socially responsible in the 21st century both on and off line.  We have focused on empathy and asked K-12 students to join us on our crusade to be the generation that views and treats all human beings as equals.  Our final multimedia projects will be shared and posted on Twitter this Thursday.

To Jonah Mawry – thank you for sharing your story with us!  Your courage has provided me a million reasons and more to continue to engage others in this conversation!



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