Endless possibilities when you know that #youmatter

This is the best of the best! Forget about receiving “snail mail” over the summer from your new teacher.  If I were a student in Aviva Dunsiger’s classroom I would be absolutely giddy with anticipation about starting the school year with my new teacher!

To learn more about #youmatter, watch Angela Maiers’ Ted Talk: You Matter.  #youmatter has always been my mantra.  Labeled and tracked early as a dyslexic student, I had few encounters with teachers like Aviva and Angela.  Once I began my teaching career in 1993, I was determined to make sure that each and every student was recognized, appreciated and celebrated.  In one of my earlier posts, Do You See Me? I shared this thought, “Make it a point to see me.  Recognize me. Appreciate me.  Celebrate me.  I’ll be willing to go the extra mile for you if you do!” Watching Aviva’s welcome video to her students does all of this and so much more!

Share your thoughts and insights.  How can we integrate more #youmatter opportunities in classrooms around the world?



  • Thank you so much for all of your kind words and for including my video here too! It’s clear that you always show your studens how much they matter to you. They’re lucky to have such a thoughtful teacher too!


  • My thoughts for the morning…

    Can you imagine if every teacher every year greeted and welcomed you this way? Wow! I am inspired to help more teachers embrace the power of #youmatter! Excited to facilitate this discussion in class tonight!

  • I’m excited to hear about how the conversation goes! Think there’s a lot of potential in creating videos like this. I just wish that I did this many years ago too!


  • This was an awesome idea! I think that this video will definitely help the children feel more comfortable coming into the first day of school since they will already have an idea of what the classroom looks like. It also creates excitement and anticipation for that first day! I am not a teacher yet, but this is definitely something I would try in the future.

    Aviva- I hope your first day went great!

  • Thank you for sharing your classroom. I am excited to store away ideas on how to someday make my classroom an inviting place for my students like you have for your students. Your creativity is inspiring!!

  • What we are most excited to learn more about it is what your classroom looks like when it is full of students! One of the questions last night was a classroom management question – how do you facilitate different learning activities at the same time? We can’t wait to Skype with you in class sometime soon!

  • This is an incredible idea! I know for me it would really help to ease my nerves about my new classroom and teacher. I love your ideas and how active your students will be! I also love that your students will be able to keep their creative juices flowing throughout the year!! I think its fabulous and I would be honored if I were one of your students!!!!!!

  • Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! From Day 1, I really try to build independence, and get students to learn how to work together and ask for help from each other, so that I can facilitate all of the learning going on around me. It’s a busy room, but a very productive one too! I’m excited to get to Skype with you as well!


  • Melissa Silvernail

    I think this video was a genious idea! Not only will the kids feel at ease and excited to be there, but the parents as well. It eliminates all those, “What is my child during all day?” type of questions. Also, your video really inspires educators to think outside of the box. I would have never thought to do this before the school year, thank you for sharing this. I feel that this will change many teacher’s perspective of what an introduction letter should look like. Thanks again!

  • Your video was amazing and I know I would have loved to see something like this before my first day of school when I was younger! Your students are very lucky and I am so happy I saw this and would love to implement it one day in my own classroom when I become a teacher! Thank-you for your inspiring and creative idea!!

  • It is great to see new and creative ideas for inspiring children to love learning and their school experience. It adds so much to my own training. Your introduction video of your classroom was a wonderful, unique way to offer your students a sneak preview of the dynamic learning opportunities that await them. As an educator and a mother of an elementary-age child, I think your video would help any child to overcome the first day of school jitters and start thinking about what they want to try first in this 21st century classroom. I was also impressed by the variety of new technologies your classroom.

  • This teacher makes me want to go back to elementary school just so I can be in her class. Think of the fact that this would eliminate first day jitters. It is such a welcoming thing to do and it gives the students a chamce to hear their teachers voice and the excitment in their voice. It is a way to connect with them before actually meeting them. This is just another thing that shows how important and crucial social media is in today’s classroom. I can absolutely say this is something that I will use year in and year out.

  • Wow! Thank you all so much! I`m overwhelmed with all of the positive comments and kind words. I`m glad that you enjoyed the video and found it useful too. I think that eliminating these first day jitters is so important, and I think it`s great for parents to know what will be happening in class along with the students too. I only wish that I tried out this video idea before this year. I`ll definitely do it again! It was incredibly well-received!

    Thanks again!

  • This is incredible. This excites the students prior to the start of school and also sets the standards/expectations from the very beginning. The video message is so much more personal than a mass mail merge that goes out to students in the summer. If my teachers had sent me video messages like this I probably wouldn’t have felt as anxious as I did the night before the first day of school. It’s refreshing to see so much technology being utilized in the classroom. Who wouldnt be excited about the technology? This classroom is far from the mediocre “by the book” text and lecture classroom. Students in the 21st century are growing up using technology that was unavailable when I was in elementary school. It’s so important to try to incorporate technology that can help foster student learning. This video inspires me to be innovative in my own classroom in the future.

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