• If you know me, then you know I’m ALL FOR cell phones in the classroom. It’s a bit odd to me that this young lady had not considered turning her ringer off after the first time it rang…unless she didn’t know how. That being said, the instructor should be knowledgeable of the generation he teaches & should have been more proactive. I know what I would do, but would love to hear what others would do.

  • That makes me cringe so, so much. Even if a child is purposefully goading you, which it doesn’t seem that this child was doing, a teacher should never, ever make the other students laugh AT another student. Teach kids respect!

    The derisive laughter makes the situation and the violence of throwing the phone so much worse. What if that call was from her parents or another family member?

    Though I understand the teacher’s frustration, I do not understand the approach.

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