• Melissa Silvernail

    What a great video! It summed up exactly what we try to do in the classroom each and every day. This year my approach is giving more choice with projects and assignments. This video just clarifys how important it is to be able to give students that opportunity. The challenge I have is how to manage 75 students with all different assignments. Thoughts?

  • I thought this video was very inspiring. I am not teaching right now but since I have been a nanny for my two year old godson he has really opened my eyes to how important it is to have the opportunity to explore, wonder, and play. I hope that he does not lose his sense of wonder when he goes to school. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to finally reconnect with the part of my childhood side that made me wonder and explore. This video really shows how important it is to let kids explore and wonder, and what they can achieve if they are given the chance to show their true gifts and talents.

  • This supports the idea that there is no one correct approach for teaching students. It also supports the idea that what works for one student may not work for another student. This video exemplifies what is possible and it shows why many teachers who are truly passionate about teaching choose the profession. Excellent video.

  • maryellen pugliese

    This is a great video. I hope it inspires more teachers to make their classrooms 3C classrooms.
    Loved it!
    Maryellen Pugliese

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