Learning for the Love of Learning

Today was my first day back in the pool since I had a panic attack during my first triathlon in April.  I wrote a post, Gotta Tri all about my experience learning how to swim at my age.  Today, I felt like a ballerina in the water.  I was graceful and calm and actually swimming!  My lesson today was so drastically different than the weeks leading up to the triathlon. Why?  There was no pressure that there was a test or a competition at the end.  I was swimming because I wanted to swim. Plain and simple.  There was no need to hyperventilate, no one would be testing me at the end.  It put everything into perspective for me – this is how our students can feel when learning is focused around the assessment or the test.  What happened to learning for the love of learning?

Before my swim lesson today, I read a beautiful post Leading With Love at Booker T. Washington posted by Corrie Kelly.

This is exactly what we need.  More love.  The love of learning to swim for the first time, playing an instrument, figuring out an algebra problem, writing poetry, conducting a science experiment, etc. The list could go on and on.  I had absolutely no fear in the pool today because I wasn’t focused on competing; I was focused on the moment.  How can we duplicate this in the classroom more often?



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