Around the Rotary: The Roundabout of Learning

As this academic year is coming to an end, I find myself deep in reflection. I launched the new course, Technology for Learners and was asked to teach Educational Psychology for the first time this year.  Teaching both courses has made me practice what I preach: get comfortable with the uncomfortable. All year, I’ve marveled at how my learning curve is constantly stuck in the curve position.  This morning, I woke up and realized that my learning has been more like a roundabout or a rotary.  What a fabulous analogy!  Thanks to Wikipedia for the image and accurate description.  It really captures my learning experiences this year!

I learned how to drive in Massachusetts and have always been proud of how I handle a roundabout.  In fact, I think its safe to say that I’m an expert, capable of fielding any and all questions on how to approach, yield, merge, navigate, maintain your right-of-way and exit a rotary.  I’ve even taught out-of-towners how to do it the Boston way, so this confirms my expert status, right?

The best part of learning is that it is not a destination; its a journey.  Learning is  like driving around a rotary.  Sometimes you enter this way, sometimes you enter another way.  Sometimes you miss your exit and have to drive around again.  Once you are in the rotary, you need to learn how to navigate and own your learning.  The best part of a roundabout is that it is constant; cars are coming and going all the time, just like the learning process.

It has been a transformative year of learning for me.  I immersed myself into the world of social media, developed an amazing PLN and launched The Dyslexic Professor.   I’m so glad that my learning curve is just like a rotary because its in constant motion and I’m modeling what it means to be a lifelong learner.  I can’t think of anything better than this!



  • MBFXC,

    I have always said you are truly someone special with a big heart and a loving disposition. You have touched sooooo many lives this last school year. Since we met back in August, your energy has made such an impact in my life and made me look at life from a different perspective. You have taught me to stay true to myself no matter who wants you to change or what the curcumstances are. I could not thank you enough for being you and not conforming to what everyone else wants you to be.

    You are amazing!!!!

  • Marialice,
    I cannot thank you enough for the way you teach: you are continuously learning, and your commitment to lifelong learning is beyond inspiring. You are truly one of the reasons I am becoming a teacher- you have shared your love of life and learning with me, and I want to share that with others. You are the perfect example of taking risks and practicing what you preach; you don’t talk about doing things, you actually do those things. You ROCK!

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