What Took Me So Long?

In response to @Nunavut_Teacher’s recent post, Why won’t you tweet? All I have to say in response is, “What took me so long?”

Four weeks ago, I thought I was on the cutting edge.  I was all about Web 2.0 applications and how to integrate them into PK-12 curriculum. Teachers that I met with had never heard of some of the applications, so it confirmed that I was actually ahead of the 21st century curve.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Four weeks ago, I didn’t know the lingo of Twitter.  Props to @virtual_teach for showing me the ropes!  I started by read posts and thoroughly enjoyed the resources provided, but said very little.  I branched out and started posting RTs.  Actually, I think I RT too much, but I’m still in my honeymoon phase and actually find what I RT to be absolutely incredible.

Four weeks ago (to the day), I launched The Dyslexic Professor and I sit here now in complete and utter amazement.  First, I had never used WordPress and found myself scrambling to figure it out.  Nervously, I sent a DM to @ktenkely and @francesblo to ask how do you get the word out about a new blog?  How do you get readers?  They both responded and shared some advice.  In four weeks, people across the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Egypt, United Kingdom, Korea, France, Argentina and Israel have visited this site.  I’ve met some fabulous virtual colleagues who took the time to read and respond to The Dyslexic Professor.  I’m so happy to know and learn with @analieses, @tomaltepeter and @yourkidsteacher!

Four weeks ago, I had no clue what a #FF was when I first received one and had to ask @virtual_teach if this was a good thing or not.  In four weeks, I’ve participated in #edchat, #sschat and #elmechat.  I’m giddy with anticipation for the #midleved chat this Friday!

In four weeks, I’ve transformed and realized I’ll never be on the cutting edge, but I’m willing, ready and able to have my learning curve stuck in the curve position because I love to learn!  So, back to the question that @Nunavut_Teacher asked, “Why won’t you tweet?”



  • You are not alone! The thing that I think can not be underpromoted about Twitter are the connections you make and the support you receive from peers. Your examples of how all those educators helped you shows you the power of it! So…why tweet? To connect, learn, grow, shine. So no matter where you are on the Twitter spectrum at any given point, its all good!

  • Your experience is amazing!! I’m climbing aboard!

  • Makia Easterling

    Before entering into this course my knowledge on how useful and important technology is to today’s students. This course has enlightened me to the digital world and also has shown me the revelance of technology in the educational curriculm. Not aware of the countless applications web 2.0 offers and the benefits these applications can bring to students teachers and parents.

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