Modeling Being a Risk Taker EDUC 536

Ok, here I go walking the walk and talking the talk and trying something new.  A little nervous, a little anxious, but excited to take the risk!  It’ s Wednesday morning and I’m creating my first WordPress blog before class tonight.  It’s a new format and I’m used to navigating through my Weebly and Ning accounts.  Plus, I’m very aware that my words and feelings are now public and I find myself typing, deleting and retyping to make sure I’m as accurate as possible.  We’ve been safe in our own PLN in our class Ning, but now our boundaries are expanding.  Are you ready to jump in with me?  In class tonight, let’s take time to try something new.  Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and embrace being a change agent!

Here are a few ideas/applications to get you going…

If you are interested in starting a blog, check out this great resource for students: Blogs for Kids – it’s a fabulous LiveBinders that highlights blogs for students to read and join the conversation.

Love this site I found this week for early education, Little Bird Tales – a great way to capture and record children’s voices.  It’s much like StoryBird, but allows you to narrator your story.

I haven’t created a Diigo account yet.  Anyone up to the challenge?  Voicethread?  Symbaloo?  Jing?  LiveBindersFuzzwichAnimation-ish?  Whatever you decide, make sure you are pushing your comfort level and trying something new!

Also, a special wicked-proud shout out to Tracy Mercier and her incredible third grade students for breaking barriers and constantly modeling what it means to be risk takers!  Check out this new concept, Tweet Quest that Tracy created: Tweet Quest.

In case you need a little confidence to help you take the plunge: 3 Ways to Encourage Risk Taking.

See you in a few hours!  I’m all about making tonight a “wow” teaching experience!  Hope you’ll say the same thing after trying something new tonight too…

PS: I’m going to publish this link through Twitter and perhaps we’ll get some comments and suggestions.  For anyone outside of EDUC 536, we’re a graduate class at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT and we’re embracing change this semester and exploring social media in K-12 classrooms.




  • Just saw this YouTube and this is what we need to aspire to be – a firework! Be that memory maker for you and your students!

    • Just watched the youtube video and it reminds me of the magnet schools I’ve worked at int the past. The motto at one particular school students expressed a sense of belongingness towards their school and classmates. Bullying among the students was nonexistent. Everyone seemed to act treat on another like family members. It was a pleasure to be in such an environment. Especially working in the inner city classrooms of Hartford, Ct, where the norm in the classrooms are bullying and disruptive behavior.
      Being a risk taker is something I’ve been trying to be more open to do, I spent my whole life being practical. But I will say being enrolled in this Masters Program is a big risk for me.

      • I also watch the video. It literally gave me the chills!!! For the mere fact that the entire school was involved in this process is a huge accomplishment. Everyone that participated (male/female) is having such fun with it.
        When I was in high school, a project like this would have never worker because of lack of participation. My graduating class was 400, so if we times that by at least 4 that’s how big the high school was. The administration was more concerned with keeping the fights, the drugs and weapons down instead trying ways to get everyone to cooperate with one another.
        This video made me so happy!!!!

    • Wouldn’t this be an amazing video to watch with students before having discussions about bullying (cyber- and otherwise)? It could be an incredible conversation starter!

    • SO much to say!! First, the firework video is INCREDIBLE!!! I want to work in a school that values student involvement and educational community the way that school does! I love it!!!

      Your post about being a risk taker- you rock!! I watched Tracy’s video on TweetQuests, and I think she seriously is a genius. That could go viral! She has taken two well-used ideas and married them together- a great integration for technology in the classroom. It kind of goes hand in hand with part of the 21st Century Learning reading by Schrum- we should be finding out how our students use technology at home, how they want to use it in the classroom, and then making it happen! And that’s exactly what Tracy has done- she has totally brought together home life (twitter) with scholastic tones (webquests). She’s going places!

    • I LOVE this video! This is a such a great way to show how to make a community within your school! These students will remember this for the rest of their life. Like we discussed in class this is a memory and we as teachers and educators need to be memeory makers like this. What a great experience to be a part of! Wow is all I can say!

  • What about QR Codes? What are they an how to use them? Check out this LiveBinder on QR Codes:

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  • READY TO BE A RISK TAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • being a risk taker complety nice an manner’s and trying new thing’s= a completly great person

  • THANK!!!!!YOU!!!!!
    Thanks for saying that to us it is very kind of you to say that we are breaking
    barriers.We all help each other to break barriers like if we do something and
    someone just came in we can help thenm catch up.And if we half to put a link
    on something and it’s to big we use we copy the link go to paste it and BAM!!! you have a tinyURL.

  • Thanks Gio and Mahendra from Ms. Mercier’s classroom for responding! Great advice!

  • ZACH!!!! and JONAS!!!

    It helps others be able to take risk because they think that if third graders can do it, they think they can do it. We take risks by trying new things that sometimes the teacher does not know. Like when we do an animaiton or something the teacher has to ask the student how to do it.

  • Thanks for your advice and saying that we are risk takers and we do know a lot about techogloy because we go on the lap tops almost everyday like twitter and twitter is like a online talk because you can tweet to people and learn math.

  • We learn new thing’s everyday and it’s mostley on the computer it’s the thing like twiiter gmail weebly we learn stuf on an flip i phone one thing we larn on i phone is how to use easy chart is were you make a digtal chart and use slider or key board of progees and flip how take a vido and computer to use twitter.

    • We get to hear all about how smart you are from Ms. Mercier! She is super proud of all of you! I’ll get to meet you next Wednesday! I’m really excited!

  • Amayah, David, Zach, Jonas, Milan and Zebin,

    Thanks for posting! You are “tweet-rrific”! Can’t wait to come and observe your classroom. You have set a very high bar for the teachers in my class tonight! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Dylan, Allie, & Jess

    Thanks we always try to help each other take risks. We take risks by making websites and using sites like Twitter, weebly, shelfari, and smilebox. On Twitter we have consverations and we can tweet about class. On Shelfari we add books to our shelf. On weebly we do our portfolio. We make invitations and stuff on smilebox.

    • Thanks Dylan, Allie & Jess! I just received your smilebox invitation today! Love the music!

  • some of the risks i took were comic creater because i did’nt know how to use it but i took the risk

    • Thanks Brandon! Did you like using the comic creater? I haven’t used it yet. Will add that to my risk-taking-to-do list!

  • I think this is awesome Marialice! Blogging is definitely a big risk as you were saying since anyone can see what you have to say! I have been trying to model being a risk taker more recently, especially since the start of this class! This class has absolutely helped me become a risk taker by trying new applications and websites that I would not have tried on my own.

    When I’m working with kids I also try to model taking risks since I really think learning happens when you make mistakes and try new things. I want my students to share an answer even if it is not correct because we can learn even more from incorrect answers than we can correct ones. I try to show my students that I don’t have all the answers, but I can try to find them, especially with all this new technology available to us!

  • I absolutely loved the firework video! This makes me so excited to teach in high school and hope I end up in one as spirited at this! I love how so many different students were represented and how they all got to show off their interests and talents. The memories of making this video will stay with those students always. What a great experience for all involved!

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